Norwegian Sandstone Export

Norwegian Sandstone Export is located near Florø on the west coast of Norway.

NSE produces aggregates for an extensive range of uses. The crushed sand-stone, marketed under brand name Fjordstone, is of very high quality and is particularly suited for use in asphalt.

The consented reserve is over 100 million tons, we have a production capacity of up to 2 million tonnes annually. NSE will continue to be a supplier of high quality aggregates for the European markets for many many years to come.

The location of the quarry has easy sheltered access and is just 30 minutes sailing from open waters.  NSE is also particularly well suited for the production and loading of offshore rock.

New transport tunnel operative:
Our new culvert conveyor is now operative, it has a capacity of over 2000mt pr hour. See video of it in action here.